Thursday, April 3, 2008

Help Questions in OAF.......part -2

Q: How do I find whether 'Next' or 'Previous' links are clicked or not? (Classic and Advanced)?
/*Call the following logic in processFormRequest method of
the web bean's controller that contains the table bean.*/
String value = pageContext.getParameter("value");
if (value != null)
int newValue = Integer.parseInt(value);
if (tableBean.getValue() < newValue)
// next pressed.
// previous pressed.
Q: Is there a method for setting the length of the fields in a poplist? It seems to be sized to the length of the largest value in the list?
This is the standard HTML behavior. The only method available to you is to truncate the values being passed to the poplist.
Q: Is there any way to check whether a field from the base page, that an LOV is dependent on, is blank?
In OA Extension, set the Required property to yes for the field (region item). If the field is blank, the LOV will generate an exception.
Q: How do I handle raising an unexpected database error and passing that back to the instantiating page?
To handle database errors that occur within a PL/SQL procedure called through Java, code a standard exception handler for 'when others' within the PL/SQL procedure. The 'when others' exception handler should call FND_MSG_PUB.ADD_EXEC_MSG (pkg_name, proc_name,
substr(sqlerrm, 1, 240)). This registers the database error in the standard FND error stack.
You can then catch and throw that exception in the insertRow and updateRow methods using the procedure OAExceptionHelper.checkErrors (Tx, messageCount, returnStatus, messageData).
Q: To convert oracle.jbo.domain.Date ==> java.util.Date?
oracle.jbo.domain.Date oracleDate = ;
java.sql.Date javaSqlDate = oracleDate.dateValue();
long javaMilliSeconds = javaSqlDate.getTime();
java.util.Date javaUtilDate = new java.util.Date(javaMilliSeconds);
Q: To convert java.util.Date ==> oracle.jbo.domain.Date?
java.util.Date javaDate = ;
long javaMilliseconds = javaUtilDate.getTime();
java.sql.Date javaSqlDate = new java.sql.Date(javaMilliseconds);
oracle.jbo.domain.Date oracleDate = new oracle.jbo.domain.Date(javaSqlDate);

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