Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ADF Learning 8 - Hierarchial Tree

Read this doc on Scribd: Lesson 8 - Hierarchial Tree

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subu said...

nice post,
in same tense.
i had some usecase. i cant achieve it.
you may give right direction.
here my usecase regards af:tree with links navigating to the page

>> configuration
>config1010 basicemployeeprofile
>config1020 salaryprofile
>> transaction
>trans1010 profile
>trans1020 salaryupdation

no problem with this tree.
my concept is simple.

when i click config1010 means it want to navigate to
config1010.jspx page or jsff.

when i click config1020 means it want to navigate to
config1020.jspx page or jsff.

here n most example, which i saw is , when i click the node means navigate to corresponding records.

here i want to navigate corresponding page.

so thing is simple the id that is config1010.
if config1010 is clicked means
navigate config1010.jspx page