Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Unexpected null value for literal data

: ) my first post on web services. I faced this issue in Jdeveloper 10g.
Some times we developer’s faces an error during our developed, which irritates like anything. This will keep coming in office and in dreamsJ. For me the culprit was “unexpected null value for literal data”. You might be facing this error when you are sending request using web service proxy to server to perform some operation on the web service in question. This problem is not at the server side, but is thrown at the client side, when you are not setting the request fields to the web service.
Now the question is how you can identify that which fields are required for the web service. The answer is in the WSDL using which you have generated the web proxy. Open your WSDL and check against each element the value for the attribute minOccur. If it is equal to one, it means that element is mandatory. If minOccur is zero, it means is an optional element. And if minOccur attribute is missing, it will take the default value equal to “1” which means it’s mandatory.

If you have fairly large WSDL and its difficult to identify and set the values, just go ahead and change your WSDL with all elements attribute property minOccur set to “0”.

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