Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exploring Grails

After a long time, I got some time to blog. In addition to finishing up my current project, I am exploring another web framework Groovy on Garils. This is a type of framework Java community needs from a long time.Though I am still exploring it. I must say, I am pretty much impressed with it. Half the job is done by framework itself. Right from creating database tables, to creating UI pages for basic CRUD operations. Grails is based on the Groovy language.Groovy is an interesting language to learn, and its even supported in JDeveloper 11g. And you can also setup grails in Jdeveloper.Though the Best IDE suggested to use for grails development is Intellij.

In the comming weeks I will start posting some more tutorials on Oracle ADF. Infact, from past few months I explored many java web frameworks(Spring,Seam etc). The more I explored, the more I got confused and messed up. And more I got confidence that Oracle ADF is one of the most stable and easy to learn web framework in Java space.Though many will and still disagree with me.

Happy Learning


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ajay kumar said...

Sir.. You are right that Groovy on grail is one of the hotshot technology in the marketplace which has minimize the effort to develop and integrate the various technologies. It's still evolving and will get the sky high very soon.

I have just got one good link in the you tube and put it in my blog.